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James Deering

"Jimmy knew a good investment when he saw it... in Gabe, and NHF." - Lana Wilson
James Deering

Jimmy believed in investment. He just loved Warren Buffet. If Warren Buffet ok'ed it, Jimmy would do it. And like Buffet, Jimmy was in his investments for the long term. When Jimmy found a good thing, he stuck with it... just like he did with his bequest to the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Jimmy was my brother and the oldest child in our family of 13 children. He was born in Indiana in the thick of the Great Depression. Being the oldest meant responsibility - and with it, working in the family business: dry cleaning. It was tough, hot work. It gave him a great work ethic. But by the 1950's it was time to strike out on his own. He joined the US Navy.

I'll never forget, when Jimmy came home on leave, he'd bring presents for everyone. He was such a giving person.

It was really too bad that Jimmy outlived his own children. That may be why he took a special interest in our nephew, Gabe. Jimmy thought that hemophilia was scary and wanted to help in any way he could. We are so grateful.

Jimmy had a knack for business and knew how to earn money. It all started when he left the Navy. He opened his own dry cleaning business, and then went into real estate.

Having the businesses let him do all sorts of things - including leaving NHF in his will. Jimmy saw it as an example to Gabe. He took a real interest in Gabe's progress. Jimmy constantly told Gabe and others that he wanted to do something to help end hemophilia. Jimmy was a man of his word - he put his money where it was important to him - right to the end.

Like all of us, Jimmy was amazed that hemophilia treatment had come so far. He was impressed with how Gabe handled his condition. At only 10 years old, Gabe is active and self infuses. His hemophilia hardly slows him down - or keeps him out of a group. Gabe's a competitive swimmer. When he gets a joint bleed, there's no problem heading to the local Hemophilia Treatment Center. He knows that's what he needs to do. We are all so proud of him.

When Jimmy passed away, he remembered NHF in his will. His gift was made in honor of Gabe. He wanted to teach Gabe how important giving was to him, and how it could be to Gabe.

Jimmy knew a good investment when he saw it... in Gabe, and NHF.