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Guide For Navigators and Consumer Assisters

March 17, 2014
Guide For Navigators and Consumer Assisters

Guide For Navigators and Consumer Assisters: Updated with Post-Enrollment Questions

With less than 3 weeks before the end of open enrollment into health insurance coverage for 2014, navigators and other consumer assisters continue to field tough questions from individuals and families exploring their coverage options. To help answer those questions, Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms created a comprehensive resource guide on private health insurance and the new health insurance marketplaces.

The Navigator Resource Guide includes 270 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that address common – and not-so-common – questions on private insurance and the health insurance marketplaces, including the , eligibility for financial assistance, and consumer protections. Although the  Guide was developed as a resource for those who are helping consumers enroll in coverage, many of the FAQs will also be helpful to individuals and families considering their coverage options and looking for more information on the private insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Released today is an update to the Guide, covering additional questions received from navigators as well as post-enrollment issues and challenges.