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Analysis Compares Prophylaxis with Emicizumab vs FVIII Replacement

August 14, 2019
Analysis Compares Prophylaxis with Emicizumab vs FVIII Replacement

Results from a newly published article suggests that a prophylactic treatment regimen with emicizumab may show greater efficacy in hemophilia A patients, when compared to prophylaxis with factor FVIII replacement therapy. The article, which was published in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion, encompassed trial data from multiple clinical studies including from the HAVEN clinical trial program.

Investigators performed a network meta-analyses (NMA) in addition to a sub-group analyses from the HAVEN 3 trial. NMA is an approach that compares multiple treatments simultaneously in a single analysis by combining direct and indirect evidence within a network of randomized controlled trials.

A combined analysis of the data compared bleed rates between emicizumab prophylaxis and FVIII prophylaxis in patients with hemophilia A without inhibitors. The results indicated that among four examined trials, emicizumab prophylaxis enabled an overall lower total treated bleed rate compared with FVIII prophylaxis.

Source: Hematology Advisor, August 8, 2019