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NasalCEASE Gives Back to NHF Research

June 1, 2012

NasalCEASE®, an over-the-counter product that stops nosebleeds, is launching its “NasalCEASE Gives Back” program from June 1-November 30, 2012. During that time, for every three products people purchase, the company will donate $2 to one of four research endeavors, including the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

In June 2011, the Food and Drug Administration approved NasalCEASE for treatment of minor cuts and abrasions. The product is made from calcium alginate, a component of brown algae that absorbs up to 20 times its weight. When it comes in contact with blood, calcium is released, which contributes to the formation of a clot.

For more information on “NasalCease Gives Back,” and how to earmark your donation to NHF, click here.