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Shire and Rani Agree to Collaborate on Development of Orally-Administered Hemophilia A Therapy

December 14, 2017
Shire and Rani  to Collaborate on Orally-Administered Hemophilia A Therapy

In a recent press release, Shire announced that they have entered into a collaboration agreement with Rani Therapeutics. This agreement allows Shire to conduct research on the use of Rani Pill technology for the oral delivery of factor VIII (FVIII) therapy for patients with hemophilia A. As part of the agreement, Shire obtains exclusive rights to conduct research on, evaluate, and pursue a worldwide, exclusive license for the development and commercialization of such a therapy.

According to a Shire press release, Rani Therapeutics has developed a novel approach for the oral delivery of large molecules, including peptides, proteins, and antibodies, using the Rani Pill, a capsule that delivers an intestinal injection without exposing medication to digestive enzymes. Once the capsule is consumed, it stays protected until it enters the small intestine and delivers medication into the intestinal wall. Since the intestines do not have sharp pain receptors, the intestinal delivery is expected to be pain-free.

“Shire is proud to partner with Rani Therapeutics to pioneer the investigation of oral delivery of factor therapy for the hemophilia community,” said Fritz Scheiflinger, Head of Global Research, Shire. “With Shire’s in-depth scientific expertise and leadership position in hemophilia and Rani Therapeutics’ deep experience in engineering and material science, we are excited by the potential of this partnership to reduce the chronic burden of hemophilia on patients’ everyday lives by researching an oral option to deliver FVIII to patients. We strive to provide hemophilia patients with innovative therapies that are effective and do not expose patients to additional risks.”

Source: Shire press release dated December 5, 2017