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MASAC Issues Four New Documents

December 1, 2012

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF) Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) issued the following new documents, adopted by NHF’s Board of Directors in November 2012:

MASAC Document #212

MASAC Document Regarding Risks of Gene Therapy Trials for Hemophilia reiterates the importance of balancing significant innovations in gene transfer and stem cell research, while at the same time mitigating risk to patients enrolled in clinical trials.

MASAC Document #213

MASAC Recommendations for Treatment of Chronic HCV Infection in Individuals with Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders addresses the proliferation of new drugs to treat hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection and considerations of possible drug interactions, safety and bleeding issues in patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

MASAC Document #214

MASAC Recommendations on the NHF Genotyping Project for Persons with Hemophilia includes a description of My Life, Our Future, Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia, NHF’s genotyping project unveiled at its 64th Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, last month, and MASAC’s recommendations in regard to it.

MASAC Document #215

MASAC Recommendations Concerning Products Licensed for the Treatment of Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders encompasses the council’s most recent series of treatment recommendations, including information on currently available therapies.

To view and download these and other current MASAC documents, visit the NHF Web site: To request a hard copy of any current documents, please contact HANDI, NHF’s information resource center: or 1.800.424.2634.