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Women Leaders in Hematology Featured in New Article

April 4, 2016
Women Leaders in Hematology Featured in New Article

The American Journal of Hematology (AJH) recently published an article featuring nearly a dozen female physicians whose clinical, research and academic work have had far-reaching and profound impacts on hematology. In “Women Leaders in Hematology: Inspirations & Insights,” mentees of these pioneering physicians had the opportunity to ask a series of questions that yielded thoughtful and informative answers from their former mentors.

The article, which was published in the April 2016 issue of AJH, profiles the following women:

Carol K. Kasper, MD

Jeanne M. Lusher, MD

Roshni Kulkarni, MD

Marilyn Manco-Johnson, MD

Margaret V. Ragni, MD, MPH

Joan Cox Gill, MD

Diane Nugent, MD

Donna DiMichele, MD

Cindy Leissinger, MD

Barbara A. Konkle, MD

Amy Shapiro, MD

These illuminating interviews are each prefaced by a short introduction and biography. They touch on the seminal experiences, personal/professional challenges and motivating factors that helped shape the women's careers as clinicians, researchers and leaders in their field.

Each woman was also asked about negotiating a work-life balance, advice for a young person entering medicine, and possible gender bias encounters in their academic or professional lives. The answers to these questions are insightful, practical and wide-ranging, reflecting the full spectrum of their collective experiences.   

Access the original AJH article free of charge.