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HANDI Highlights: Resources for Tackling Life’s Many Transitions!

September 28, 2018
HANDI Highlights: Resources for Tackling Life’s Many Transitions!

Fall is upon us as crisper, cooler weather prevails across much of the country. It is arguably the season most evocative of change, and in that spirit NHF’s information resource center HANDI would like to share several resources that may offer guidance as you or a family member face a major life transition.

HANDI hopes that you find these resources to be helpful and informative!

Guidelines for Growing (A component of NHF’s SFL)
A series of age-specific brochures, each focused on social and developmental milestones specific to the general age range of a child or young person with a bleeding disorder.

What to Know: Parenting with a Baby with a Bleeding Disorder (Part of NHF’s “Make Your Move” Physical Therapy Webinar Series)
Watch this webinar to learn how to encourage your baby to be active, explore safely and how to handle potential accidents as they reach milestones in their physical development.

5 Ways to Transition to a New HTC Nurse (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
How to make the experience less overwhelming for your child and your family.

NHF’s Steps for Living
Online education for all life stages.

Getting Ready for a Move (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Tips for moving with a child affected by a bleeding disorder.

Independence Days (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Young adults taking ownership of their healthcare.

Aging with Arthritis (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Advice to help keep joints moving.

Transitioning Through Menopause (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Women with bleeding disorders have more to keep in mind but symptoms are manageable.

Cancer Screening Checklist (NHF’s HemAware Magazine)
Age-appropriate cancer tests for men with hemophilia.

Contact HANDI for additional information and referrals at (link sends e-mail) (link sends email) or by calling 1.800.424.2634. Monday to Friday (9am-5pm ET).