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NHF Announces New Board Chair, Members

July 1, 2010

At its June 27, 2010, board meeting at the Newark (NJ) International Airport Marriott, the Board of Directors of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) elected new officers. NHF is pleased to announce that Stephen Bender is the new Chair of the Board of Directors; Shannon Penberthy, Vice Chair; Clifford B. Cohn, Esq., Treasurer; and Todd Pfeil, Esq., Secretary. Eileen F. Bostwick, PhD, will remain secretary until November, when Pfeil assumes his position.

Joining the officers are the following new board members: Jill Birdwhistle, Kathy Gerus-Darbison, Barbara Gordon, Danielle Nance, MD, Ken Trader and Gilbert White, MD. Remaining on the board are Michael Luettgen, Rachel Miller and Adam Wilmers. All will serve through December 31, 2010. Elections for full-terms will be held at NHF’s next board meeting, held in conjunction with its 62nd Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Click here for a partial list of board members and their biographies.