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NHF’s Dawn Rotellini Elected to WFH Board of Directors

May 30, 2018
NHF’s Dawn Rotellini Elected to WFH Board of Directors

“I am the daughter of a man who had hemophilia but was never treated at a hemophilia treatment center. He never learned to infuse himself, didn’t have access to education, and sadly passed away from contaminated blood products.

“I’m the mother of a son with hemophilia. When he was a baby, our nearest treatment center was a 10-hour drive away. I didn’t learn to infuse him until he was three years old and did not have access to home therapy. Those early years were really, really scary.

“I’m a carrier with mild levels of hemophilia and for 20 years have been working and volunteering for the bleeding disorders community. It has become my passion to make a difference for people throughout the world. We all need access to treatment and care and education.”

Following her remarks to national member organization delegates at the World Hemophilia Foundation’s (WFH) 2018 Global Congress, Dawn Rotellini, NHF’s senior vice president of program development, was elected to WFH’s Board of Directors on May 25, 2018. The mission of WFH, a global network of patient organizations in 140 countries, is to improve and sustain care for people with inheritable bleeding disorders around the world.

Ms. Rotellini leads NHF’s chapter development, education and global programs. Prior to joining the organization in 2008, she founded an NHF chapter, served as executive director at two, and directed a camp for children with bleeding disorders.

Reflecting on her election to the board, Ms. Rotellini said, “I am thrilled at this opportunity to help advance WFH’s vision of ‘treatment for all.’ The fact is that 75 per cent of people with bleeding disorders around the world still receive very inadequate treatment or no treatment at all. But I’m confident that, if we all work together, one day all people with bleeding disorders will have proper care and treatment, no matter where they live.”

“Dawn is a proven leader and advocate for people with bleeding disorders in the US,” said Val Bias, NHF CEO. “I know she will bring the same passion and commitment to mission that we see each day at NHF to the WFH board.”