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Web Videos Combine Humor and Education

March 1, 2013

Two young men have found a way to reach a niche audience with messages about bleeding disorders—through web videos posted on YouTube. Patrick James Lynch and Ryan Gielen are executive producers of Believe Digital, a digital production company that creates so-called “smartfunny” videos for younger audiences. Among their clients are Verizon Wireless, Target and Ford Motor Cars.

Now they’re tackling bleeding disorders, a subject that is personal for Lynch, who has severe hemophilia. His brother Adam was 18 when he died from a head bleed in 2007. Lynch, one of the actors in the series, is on NHF’s Social Media panel. Gielen is a WEBBY award-winning filmmaker, producer and director. Together they produced the “Stop the Bleeding!” Web series.

Check out the first three videos in the “Stop the Bleeding!” Web series.