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Nursing Scholarship Program

The Nursing Working Group of the National Hemophilia Foundation is excited and proud to announce a nursing scholarship program aimed at recruitment and retention for nurses working with the bleeding disorders community. Many of the healthcare institutions that support hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) are either Magnet™ institutions or are seeking Magnet™ status.  The Magnet Program™ through the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) recognizes organizations that will serve as the "fount of knowledge and expertise for the delivery of nursing care globally. They will be solidly grounded in core Magnet principles, flexible, and constantly striving for discovery and innovation. They will lead the reformation of health care; the discipline of nursing; and care of the patient, family, and community(1)."

In support of that educational endeavor, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) Nursing Scholarship is implemented as a means of advancing the art and science of hemostasis nursing as well as assisting our institutional colleagues in their pursuit of Magnet™ status.  Funded through the generous grant support of Genentech, this fund is committed to increasing the knowledge base and enhancing the professional development of nurses. It is intended for nurses who endeavor to advance their education and dedicate their careers to providing comprehensive clinical care to individuals living with bleeding and clotting disorders.

Scholarship funding awards will be available every year for up to 2 years as long as other requirements are met.  Awards for BSNs will be given up to $3,000 per semester or $6,000 per year.  Awards for NP-MSN/DNPs will be up to $5,000 per semester or $10,000 per year.   

Nurses who receive this scholarship award will need to commit to remain employed at an HTC for 1 additional year post-graduation (in the case of BSNs) or for 1.5 years post-graduation (in the case of NP-MSN/DNPs) for each year of scholarship.  Scholarship recipients also need to maintain a 3.0 GPA and meet additional reporting requirements to ensure continuation of funding. 

The program is designed to secure advanced practice nursing staff within the hemophilia treatment center (HTC) system in support of the Integrated Care Model. The aim is to develop graduates who will become expert clinicians within the HTC system, role models and leaders able to help shape health policy, and provide training and support to others in hemostasis and thrombosis care.  The Nursing Scholarship is offered for Registered Nurses who would like to complete their BSN and for Registered Nurses with their BSN to pursue a Nurse Practitioner degree (MSN or DNP).

Deadline for application is June 1, 2019.  Please send your completed application to Morgan Johnson at

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


1.    Magnet Model  Accessed 4/1/19

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