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PTWG Operating Guidelines


Physical Therapy Working Group (PTWG)

Operating Guidelines


I.  Statement of Purpose

The PTWG was formally established in October of 1987 to support the mission of NHF and to serve as mentors and resources to physical therapists that treat persons with bleeding disorders.  All members of the PTWG shall comply with the National Hemophilia Foundation’s conflict of interest policy.


  1. Goals:
  1. To cultivate and participate in interdisciplinary communication among healthcare providers and management of persons with bleeding disorders.
  2. To provide information on physical therapy and the rehabilitative aspects of bleeding disorders to the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).
  3. To identify, act as a resource for, and communicate with other physical therapists involved in the care of persons with bleeding disorders.
  4. To educate other health care professionals, students, and community about physical therapy as it relates to management of persons with bleeding disorders.
  5. To plan professional educational meetings which include sessions on physical therapy intervention, techniques and current research for persons with bleeding disorders.
  6. To design, participate in, and publish original research on the role and impact of physical therapy and rehabilitation of persons with bleeding disorders.
  7. To encourage presentation of original research at professional meetings.
  8. To collaborate and facilitate research with other team members, treatment centers and institutions relating to persons with bleeding disorders
  9. To contribute to the NHF publication, HemAware.
  10. To assist NHF in maintaining up-to-date educational materials for consumers and professionals involved in the care of persons with bleeding disorders.
  11. To be familiar with the guidelines, set by MASAC in the Standards of Practice for Physical Therapists working with persons with Bleeding Disorders within the Standards and Criteria for the Care of Persons with Congenital Bleeding Disorders. (MASAC document #132; April 2002.) 
  12. To review and update the Physical Therapists’ Guide to Bleeding Disorders: an Orientation Web Manual, every three years at the annual meeting or as requested by NHF.
  13. To review and update the Physical Therapy Treatment Guidelines and related bibliography annually at the mid-year meeting.


III. Working Group Members:

The PTWG shall consist of 12 members, who are licensed physical therapists. Each member is required to be an employee of a Federally Funded Hemophilia Treatment Center with at least two years of experience. The PTWG shall be comprised of The Chair, 8 Regional Representatives from the 8 Federal Government Grant Regions, and 3 At-Large Members. The Chair, Vice Chair, Membership Coordinator and PT Fellowship Coordinator will be elected by vote of the PTWG members for a 2 year term.


The 8 Federally Funded Regions are as follows:

New England 

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Mid Atlantic              

New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia.

South East      

Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina.

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Great Lakes

Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Northern States

Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Great Plains

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana.

Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Mountain States         

Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho,

Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

Western States

California, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, and the republic of Palau.         


IV. Working Group Member Roles and Responsibilities:


Chair: serves as executive head of the PTWG and:

  1. Presides over the PTWG business meetings.
  2. Represents PTWG on MASAC.
  3. Develops annual budget with NHF staff.
  4. Develops annual work plan with PTWG member input.
  5. Communicates with PTWG members as needed.
  6. Compiles annual report of PTWG activities.
  7. Oversees task force projects.

The PTWG, by majority vote, will select the Chair at the annual NHF PTWG meeting and will submit the name to the Chair of MASAC for approval and official appointment. The Chair may stay on for an additional year if no other member is nominated and elected to replace the position. Term:  2 years.


Vice Chair:  serves as back-up for the Chair and:

  1. Presides over the PTWG business meetings in the Chair’s absence.
  2. Represents PTWG on MASAC in the Chair’s absence
  3. Records and disseminate minutes of business meeting through NHF.
  4. Oversees other task force projects as delegated by the Chair.

5.   Oversees rotation of PTWG members.

The PTWG, by majority vote, will select the Vice Chair at mid-year NHF PTWG meeting. The Vice Chair will start their term at the following NHF Annual meeting. The Vice Chair may stay on for an additional year if no other member is nominated and elected to replace the position.  Term: 2 years.


Membership Coordinator: serves to coordinate the rotation of PTWG members and:

  1. Monitors rotation schedules of PTWG members.
  2. Coordinates membership nominations, applications, and election process with NHF liaison.
  3. Contacts HTCs and other working groups members to identify possible candidates to fill vacant positions.
  4. Communicates with applicants to discuss PTWG role and PTWG member responsibilities.

The PTWG, by majority vote, shall select the membership coordinator at the mid-year NHF PTWG meeting. Term:  2 years. 


Regional Representative: conducts the official business of the PTWG in his/her              respective region and:

  1. Represents region to PTWG and NHF.
  2. Attends bi-annual PTWG business meeting.
  3. Attends regional meetings and assist with PT programming.
  4. Contributes to working group work projects.
  5. Submits regional summary reports to PTWG Chair following each regional meeting. To be reviewed at the annual meeting.
  6. Maintains list of active PT’s in region.
  7. Maintains contact, bi-annually, with regional PT’s.
  8. Selects chair and vice-chair at appropriate bi-annual meetings.
  9. Facilitates election process (in collaboration with NHF liaison to the working group) for a successor in his/her own region when his/her term is complete.

      Term:  3 years. 


 At Large Member: participates in the official business of the PTWG and:

       1.  Contributes to the working group plans and projects

       2.  Attends bi-annual PTWG business meeting.

       3.  Attends regional meetings.

       4.  Selects Chair and Vice Chair at appropriate bi-annual meetings.

       5.  Participates in the selection and election of PTWG members and committee

            task force members.

           At large members may be elected to any PTWG position or committee.

           Term: 3 years.



V.  Task Forces and Committee Representatives:

      The PTWG shall have various task forces and representatives to other NHF committees as need or requirement indicates.  Appointees should be, but not are limited to being members of the PTWG.  Ongoing positions are:


Physical Therapist Excellence Fellowship:

This task force will include an elected task force coordinator from the PTWG, at least

1 other member of the PTWG, and an appointed member of the research community.

Task force members will serve a two-year term and cannot submit applications for the

Fellowship grant during their term.  Members will review applications and select an

Awardee as established by the NHF guidelines.  Applicants for the Fellowship Grant

      must submit a letter of intent to be received and reviewed in July of each year.  Full applications will be submitted and reviewed in September of each year.

The award will be a 1 year grant administered by NHF beginning the 1st of January. 

If no fellowship letter of intent applications are submitted by the deadline, the PTWG members may apply to utilize funds for NHF approved programs and projects.   


Award of Excellence: Physical Therapist of the Year (Named in Honor of Donna

      Boone, PT):  This task force will include a minimum of two elected PTWG members, who will review all nominations and select a single nominee according to the established NHF guidelines. 


      Representative to Annual Meeting Working Group (AMWG):  This person is responsible for presenting the PTWG annual meeting draft proposal at the AMWG

meeting.  Term: 1 year.


Representative-Elect to AMWG:  This person will assist the Representative to the

      AMWG and will attend the AMWG meeting to assume responsibilities the following year. Term: 1 year.


      HemAware Liaison:  This person, appointed by the NHF Liaison to the PTWG, is responsible for reviewing PT-related articles submitted for publication and is to

participate in conference calls as needed.  Term: determined by NHF Liaison.


VI. Funding:

      Funding for the PTWG shall be provided by the NHF.  Funding will, at minimum, support attendance of the PTWG members to two business meetings per year, provide programming at annual meetings, and allow routine business of the group to be ongoing.



VII. PTWG Regional Representative Election Process:

  1. Representatives to the PTWG will complete their terms on a 3 year rotating basis.
  2. The Regional Rep will contact the PTs in their Region to inform them of the Regional Rep position opportunity at least 3 months prior to the Annual Meeting. PT’s interested in the position will contact the Regional Representative within 2 weeks, so their information can be submitted to the NHF liaison. The applications will be forwarded to the PT’s interested in the Regional Rep position by the NHF Liaison.
  3. Current PTWG members that are rotating off are responsible for providing the NHF liaison with a list of physical therapists that are qualified to vote in their region (one physical therapist vote per treatment center) by 3 months prior to annual meeting
  4. PTWG Representative Applications are due to NHF liaison by two months prior to the annual meeting.  Date to be set by Morgan Johnson or current liaison.
  5. NHF Liaison will forward the applications to the Membership Coordinator for immediate review within 1-2 weeks. Membership Coordinator will notify liaison of qualified applicants
  6. NHF liaison will then send bio sketches of applicants to qualified voters in the region.  Voters will have two weeks to submit votes to NHF liaison.
  7. If 2/3 quorum is not reached by regional vote, the vote will be made at the NHF Annual Meeting by the PTWG. If there is only one qualified applicant for the Regional Representative position, a regional vote is not necessary. The application will be reviewed by the PTWG Membership Coordinator, who will forward the application to the PTWG members for majority approval. The voting process will be completed at least 2 weeks prior to NHF Annual meeting.
  8. The PTWG will review all Regional decisions with final review by Chair.
  9. Once approved, the newly elected representative to the PTWG will be announced at the PT meeting at the NHF annual meeting.
  10. Newly elected representatives will be contacted via email by the NHF staff Liaison and PTWG membership coordinator.
  11. New representatives will begin their term at the midyear PTWG meeting, unless a regional position has been vacant or a Representative term was extended, the new Regional Representative may start at the Annual meeting.


VIII  At Large Member Election Process      

            A. At Large members will complete their terms on a 3 year rotating schedule                          basis.

            B.The Membership Coordinator of the PTWG will inform the Regional Reps at the Mid-year meeting of an upcoming At Large Member vacancy. The current member’s term will be completed at the following NHF meeting, so the Regional Reps will be responsible for contacting the PT’s in their region 3 months prior to the annual meeting to inform them of the At Large position. The Regional Rep will include the NHF liaison contact information to their Regional PT’s, so they can get the application information.

            B. PTWG At Large Member applications are due to the NHF liaison by two                           months prior to the annual meeting. Date to be set by Morgan Johnson or                     current NHF liaison.

            C. NHF Liaison will forward the applications to the Membership Coordinator for                  review, who will to and notify the liaison of qualified applicants within two                             weeks.

            D. The Membership Coordinator will forward the applications to the PTWG                           members for review and voting is to be completed within 2 weeks.

            E. The Membership Coordinator will be the deciding vote if the results are a tie.

            F. Once approved, the newly elected member of the PTWG will be contacted by                    the Membership Coordinator.

            G. The members will be announced at the PTWG meeting at the NHF                     annual meeting.

            H. New members will begin their term at the midyear PTWG meeting.


The Regional Representative and At Large Member rotation schedule is determined by the start date of each representative and is calculated based on the three terms.


IX.       Exceptions to term limits

  1. In the event that a regional representative is elected to the position of Chair, Vice Chair, Membership Coordinator, Representative to the Annual Meeting Working Group, Fellowship Grant Coordinator, PT Excellence Award Coordinator, or other elected position with specific term limits, it is possible that the term limits will need to be extended to allow that individual to complete the term requirements for the elected position. 
  2. It should be noted that a regional representative in an elected position may only run for an elected position which results in the extension of term limits one time.*
  3. *If every effort has been made to replace a regional representative whose term limits have been reached, and no qualified individual applies, it is at the discretion of the PTWG and ultimately the chair to extend the term limits of the existing representative one year at a time. Attempt to identify and elect a new representative will be done each subsequent year until one is identified.

Original document written 1/99, revised 12/09(SK) and approved by the NHF PTWG (1/10), revised 8/24 by JN and approved by PTWG 8/24/2017.