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Physical Therapy Travel Scholarship

Physical Therapy Travel Scholarship


Application Due Date: May 31, 2019

Notification of Results by : July 31, 2019

NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference: October 3-5, 2019



  •  VISION:  To facilitate quality Physical Therapy services for people with bleeding disorders and to foster sustainable Physical Therapist involvement in the bleeding disorders community.
  •  MISSION: NHF provides financial support annually through the Physical Therapy Working Group (PTWG) for a qualified Physical Therapist (PT) or Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) to participate in the National Hemophilia Foundation Bleeding Disorders Conference (NHFBDC).
  • GOALS:
    1. Funding will be provided by NHF for a PT or PTA to participate in the NHFBDC.
    2. NHF funding will be sufficient to pay for NHFBDC registration, transportation and two nights lodging.
    3. The PT Scholar will experience an environment of inclusion and learning as a result of participation in NHFBDC.
    4. The PT Scholar will remain engaged in the bleeding disorder community for at least two years after post- NHFBDC.
    5. PT Scholar outcomes will be measured for at least two years to assess effectiveness of the PT Scholarship program.



  1. Maintains active PT/PTA license in good standing in the United States or US Territory.
  2. Is unable to obtain funding for NHFBDC through other sources.
  3. Possesses basic bleeding disorders knowledge.
  4. Demonstrates at least one year of involvement in the bleeding disorders community.
  5. Is able and willing to remain engaged in bleeding disorders community for at least two years (ex: employment, volunteer work, advocacy, research, etc.).



  1. Complete the NHF PTWG PT Scholarship Application.
  2. Obtain a letter of support from direct supervisor supporting time off from work to participate in NHFBDC.
  3. Obtain a reference letter of support from an HTC member, professional colleague or patient/family within the bleeding disorders community.
  4. Update Resume/CV.
  5. Submit items 1-4 above to Morgan Johnson at by May 31, 2019.
  6. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be considered.



  1. The NHF PTWG PT Scholarship Committee reviews and scores all PT Scholarship Applications using the attached rubric.
  2. If more than one applicant is highly qualified, a PT Scholarship Committee designee(s) may conduct phone interviews to assist in the selection process.
  3. A PT Scholarship Committee designee offers the scholarship to the most qualified applicant.
  4. If the selected PT or PTA declines the scholarship, is unable to participate in the NHFBDC, or is unable to remain engaged in the bleeding disorders community for at least two years, the PT Scholarship Committee may withdraw the award and offer it to another qualified applicant.
  5. A PT Scholarship Committee designee assists the PT Scholar with NHFBDC registration, travel/lodging arrangements and NHFBDC logistics (schedule of events, meeting room locations, meals, etc.).
  6. A PT Scholarship Committee designee notifies all non-selected applicants by the date indicated on the PT Application form. The notification date is prior to the close of NHFBDC registration to enable the applicant to register independently if able to secure other funding.
  7. If no applicants qualify for the PT Scholarship, the designated NHF funds are forfeited.
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