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Bibliography for Social Workers

Bibliography for Social Workers

Items are listed in chronological order

"Crisis Points for HIV-Positive Hemophilia Patients and Their Partners." Jean Higbee, MSW. HemAware, July 1996.

"The Journey of Hope." Diane O'Connell. Hemalog, July 1996.

"Developing Support Through Men’s Groups." Dana Francis, MSW. HemAware, July 1996.

"The Art of Coping: Men with Hemophilia and Their Families." Rex Forehand, PhD, Karla Klein, MS, Beth Kotchich, MA and Meridith Watts Chance, BA. HemAware, October 1996.

"Planning a Retreat." Susan Cutter, ACSW and Raymond Dinoi, MSW. HemAware, October 1996.

"The Impact of HIV on Clients and Their Families." Donna Fleming, MSSW, Isabel Lin, MSW, and Martha Ponce, LCSW. HemAware, October 1996.

"How Do You Spell That? Families Face Hemophilia." Karyn L. Feiden. Hemalog, January 1997.

"Hepatitis/Hemophilia Clinic: A Comprehensive Approach." Cara Bernstein, LCSW, Nancy Gonzalez, MS and Alice Cohen, MD. HemAware, January 1997.

"The Washington State Experience—Insurance Reform." Susan Kocik, MSW. HemAware, April 1997.

"New Therapies for HIV Disease: Clinical Implications for the Social Worker." Martha Ponce, LCSW and Susan Kocik, MSW. HemAware, July 1997.

"A Tale of Two Brothers." Andy Blackledge and Dana Francis, MSW. HemAware, July 1997.

"Grief and the Bleeding Disorder Provider." Isabel Lin, MSW, CSW and Dolores Hutchinson, MSW, CSW. HemAware, July 1997.

"Mental Health and Managed Care." Donna Fleming, MSSW and Dawn von Mayrhauser, MSW, LCSW. HemAware, October 1997.

"Multiculturalism in a Healthcare Setting." Margaret Halona-Trujillo, MSW. HemAware, October 1997.

"Psychosocial Assessment with a Hemophilia-Specific Clinical Tool." Marisela Trujillo, LMSW and Marty Barnes, MSW. HemAware, October 1997.

"The Family Dance." Marge Kennedy. Hemalog, October 1997

"Camp Honor: Bringing Children Together." Marilyn Gradowski, MSW, CISW. HemAware, January 1998.

"How to Keep Lice from Making Summer Camp Crazy." Katherine Reed, LCSW. HemAware, January 1998.

"Building Leaders—Not Just Campfires—At Camp Ailihpomeh." Ed Keubler, LMSW-ACP. HemAware, January 1998.

"Genetic Counseling for Hemophilia." Andrea Zanko, MS and Monica Wohlferd, MSSW. HemAware, January 1998.

"Broadening the Approach to Treatment of Hepatitis C: Psychological Interventions." Alisa M. Robinson, PhD. HemAware, January 1998.

"Be of Good Cheer." Kathleen Kelleher. Hemalog, January 1998

"The Psychosocial Impact of Product Recalls on the Pediatric Patient Population." Isabel Lin, MSW, CSW and Martha Ponce, LCSW. HemAware, April 1998.

"Does Your HTC Need a 'Plan' for Managed Care?" David Linney. HemAware, April 1998.

"Spirituality in a Healthcare Setting." Margaret Halona-Trujillo, MSW. HemAware, April 1998.

"Pregnancy Alternatives for HIV Discordant Couples." Susan Cutter, MSW, MPA and Dana Francis, MSW. HemAware, July 1998.

"Letting Go: The Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare in Two Treatment Centers." Jane Shapiro, MSW, ACSW and Dana Merritt, MSW, CSW. HemAware, July 1998.

"Social Work and Hemophilia Care: A Look Back." Becky Dudley, LCSW, Susan Kocik, MSW and Richard Atwood, MA, MPH. HemAware, October 1998.

"Feeling Good About You." Diane O'Connell. Hemalog, October 1998.

"Ensuring Educational Access for Children with Hemophilia." Jacqueline Lefkowitz, ACSW, MSW and Brenda Garboos, MSA, CRC. HemAware, January 1999.

"Burning Up the Telephone Wire in Michigan." Isabel Lin, MSW. HemAware, January 1999.

"Providing Medical Financial Counseling Services to Patients and Families." David Linney. HemAware, January 1999.

"A Brief Review of Research by Social Workers in Hemophilia Treatment Centers." Katherine Reed, MSW, LCSW. HemAware, April 1999.

"Grief and Reconciliation: Adjusting to the Losses from Hepatitis C." Carolyn Curry, MEd. HemAware, July/August 1999.

"Clinical Conference for Social Workers." Mavis Harrop, MSSW, LCSW. HemAware, July/August 1999.

"Guidelines for HTCs to Quickly Verify Coverage for Homecare Factor Products." David Linney. HemAware, July/August 1999.

"Life After Major Orthopedic Surgery: Jerry’s Story." Karyn Walsh, LCSW and Jerry Temle. HemAware, October/November 1999.

"Hemophilia Settlements: Something Gained and Something Lost." Dawn von Mayrhauser, MSW, LCSW and Raymond Dinoi, MSW, LICSW. HemAware, October/November 1999.

"NHF Social Work Working Group Provides Team-Building Opportunities for HTCs." Katherine Reed, MSW, LCSW; Sue Cutter, MSW, MPH; and Susan Kocik, MSW. HemAware, October/November 1999.

"Slugs and Hugs: The Real Story of Being the Sibling of a Child with a Chronic Illness." Paula McCarthy, LCSW, ACSW. HemAware, October/November 1999.

"Getting HMO Referrals—Start by Putting One in Play." David Linney. HemAware, October/November 1999.

"The Most Frequently Asked Question about Insurance." David Linney. HemAware, January/February 2000.

"Battling Back from Depression." Karyn L. Feiden. Hemalog, April 2000

"Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999." David Linney. HemAware, May/June 2000.

"History Lesson: Tracing Your Family Tree." Emily Lichtenberg. HemAware, May/June 2000.

"A Dose of Psychosocial Care: Tracking Depression in Interferon Users." Susan duTreil, Abdelhak Abdou, Karen Wuliff, Marva L. Lewis, Heather Gillis, Cindy A Leissinger. HemAware, July/August 2000.

"The KIDS Manual: Fun, Interactive Educational Activities for Children with Bleeding Disorders and Their Siblings." The KIDS Manual Editorial Board. HemAware, July/August 2000.

"So You’ve Got an HMO—Now What Do You Do?" David R. Linney. HemAware, October 2000.

"Come Together: Team Building Workshops a Rousing Success." Susan Kocik, MSW. HemAware, December 2000.

"Happy Times Ahead." John Lanzon, MT (ASCP). Hemalog, January 2001.

"Past the Dark Side of Anger." Karyn L. Feiden. Hemalog, January 2001.