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Social Work Working Group Guidelines

Social Work Working Group Guidelines

The Social Work Working Group (SWWG) is a professional working group under the organizational auspices of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).  The SWWG is a group of social work leaders from the national bleeding disorders community and represents eight federally funded HRSA regions, plus three at-large seats and one chairperson, resulting in twelve total members.


  1. Members of the SWWG are required to have, at minimum, a Master’s level social work degree (MSW, MSSW, MSS, DSW, PHD) or a Masters degree in a similar field with  their state social work license (if licensure is available); be familiar with the goals and objectives of the SWWG; and be able to fulfill the requirements of membership.
  2. A minimum of twelve months prior experience working in a social work capacity with an HTC or a NHF Chapter.
  3. Must be fully trained in federal, state and local laws governing patient confidentiality as they relate to HIPAA guidelines.


  1. SWWG members serve a three-year term.  The term will begin on the month immediately following the NHF Annual Meeting (this may be adjusted depending upon when a SWWG vacancy occurs and an appropriate replacement is found).  A member may continue to serve on a year-to-year basis until a replacement is elected.  Social Workers who have previously served on SWWG may vie for vacant member’s seats.
  2. The SWWG Chair serves a three-year term which may or may not extend his/her term on SWWG. The Chair is elected by a majority vote of the SWWG membership in the present Chair’s final year.


The SWWG has a longstanding history of producing excellent work as a result of the contributions of its members.  Some SWWG responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Actively initiate, plan and assume responsibility for special Working Group projects including the psychosocial programming track of the NHF Annual meeting.
  2. Identify unmet needs for professionals as well as consumers; to actively initiate, develop and promote projects which address these needs; to collaborate on projects with the other professional Working Groups and other relevant groups/individuals.
  3.  Attend scheduled SWWG meetings and participate in phone and/or video conferences as scheduled by the chair.
  4. Monitor and support social work activities in your federal region; including regular communication with the regional social workers.
  5. Advocate for the concerns of bleeding disorder Social Workers
  6. Represent the SWWG on various NHF Committees and related functions on an as-needed basis.
  7. Write peer review articles and pursue submission to appropriate journals and publications.


SWWG members who repeatedly fail to carry out responsibilities may have their membership terminated by the Chair in consultation with the SWWG members.

Application Materials

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements should submit the following to the NHF Social Work Working Group Liaison (see right) within two months prior to that year’s NHF Annual Meeting.

  1. Personal Letter of interest
  2. Updated Curriculum Vita or professional resume
  3. A letter of support from your treatment center supervisor, director or agency director
  4. Professional letter of reference
  5. A letter of reference from a consumer

Any exception to these guidelines must be reviewed by the SWWG and have a simple majority vote by the currently seated SWWG members and must conform to the SWWG Bylaws.   Members of the SWWG must be willing to make full disclosure and to sign a conflict of interest statement as per the MASAC Bylaws. The SWWG has the authority to decline membership to individuals who do not meet qualifications.

The SWWG liaison will distribute the application materials to the SWWG Chair and SWWG members.

New membership will be decided by majority vote by current SWWG members.  In the cases of multiple applicants from one region, a subcommittee of SWWG members may interview each applicant in order to gain additional information and facilitate a decision.  Applicants will be informed of the SWWG decision within one month of that year’s NHF Annual Meeting.