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Physical Therapy Excellence Fellowship

All grant and fellowship applications are subjected to a rigorous peer review process. Applications are critiqued on scientific merit and relevance to NHF research priorities. Applications are reviewed and scored in terms of significance, approach, innovation, investigator, and environment. A volunteer group of scientific and lay leaders reviews applications received. The NHF Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) and the NHF Board of Directors grant final funding approval.


The objectives of the Physical Therapy Fellowship are to improve the delivery of physical therapy care and expand the knowledge base specific to hemophilia.
It is expected that the fellowship will provide support for a physical therapist currently employed or interested in hemophilia care to conduct physical therapy research or clinical projects related to the care of the patient with hemophilia.

Current topics of interest may include but are not limited to the following: development of clinical pathways, physical therapy protocols, physical therapy utilization, measurable outcome studies, rehabilitation programs, use of modalities and other intervention commonly used by physical therapists in the treatment of the patient with hemophilia.


NHF awards one new research fellowship per year of up to $15,000. Awards are made for one calendar year or 18 months.


A letter of intent should be submitted to NHF. This should be a brief letter identifying the applying researcher and organization and the intended area of research.

Multidisciplinary applications are welcomed. If a multidisciplinary project is sought, you are encouraged to indicate in the letter of intent and in the application how the project would proceed if only one Fellowship is awarded.