Chelsee Nabritt is a Sociology major at Kennesaw State University; and later plans to pursue her Master's Degree in Public Administration and Business Administration. One of Chelsee's main goals is to be a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and on a local level in the state of Georgia; and hopes to start her own non-profit to help guide students who are unsure about their future, in the right direction. She loves reading, traveling, and helping others. Her favorite place to travel is anywhere in the Caribbean, however Puerto Rico is her favorite place she has visited so far. Chelsee was diagnosed with Platelet Storage Pool Disorder at the age of 7; and has been involved with her HTC since that age. She attended Camp Wannaklot as a camper from ages 7-18 years old and has volunteered as a Camp Counselor to give back to the community and stay connected with her camp friends. Chelsee hopes to lead by example and teach younger children/teens within the community that although we may have the disadvantage of having a bleeding disorder; there are so many other advantages we have and can share within our life to help impact another life within the community.