James R. Christensen, Jr.

A lifelong Omaha, Nebraska resident, Jim Christensen was born with severe hemophilia A. Much of his childhood was spent in the hospital, as infusion was not allowed unless administered by medical staff.  Mobility was only possible if he was in a wheelchair or on crutches. But at age 18, he was the first hemophiliac in the country to undergo a total knee replacement, which was life-changing. Suddenly, he could drive a car and experience a taste of personal freedom. He hasn’t slowed down since, in fact, Jim enjoys most anything he can drive as fast as possible, including snowmobiles, cars and boats.

Jim is remarkable, because rather than view his life-threatening disease as a negative, it motivates his existence. He has been a financial advisor for 41 years and is the owner of inSOURCE Financial Advisors with offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Jim loves his work and helping families plan for the unexpected as well as the inevitable. Today, inSOURCE is recognized in five complementary fields: inSOURCE Inc., inSOURCE Benefits Group, inSOURCE Financial Advisors, inSOURCE Real Estate and inSOURCERx.

Throughout life, Jim has served many organizations: National Hemophilia Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Open Door Mission and Siena Francis House (homeless shelters in Omaha), United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Million Dollar Roundtable Foundation, Project Inform—HIV and hepatitis C advocacy group and the O-Club at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Jim and his wife, Sarah Pappas, have three adult children, Alexis, Julian and Cole. When Jim can get away from the office, he and Sarah head to their cabin at Lake of the Ozarks, with their spunky miniature schnauzers in tow.