Kyla Toney

Kyla is a student at Eastern Gateway Community College and is studying to get a degree in Healthcare Administration. After obtaining her degree in healthcare administration, she will attend university to obtain her bachelor's degree in Public Health. In the future, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization. Kyla became involved with the Oregon chapter after being diagnosed with type 1 Von Willebrand Disease in August of 2017 at the age of sixteen. Kyla is the first and only person in her family diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. Being involved with her local chapter helped her to educate her family on what it is like to live with a bleeding disorder. Community service has always played a big part in Kyla's life. She has volunteered much of her time to many non-profit organizations. Kyla realized advocating for the bleeding disorders community was a big passion of hers after attending Oregon's advocacy day. Kyla wants to use this opportunity to not only continue to advocate, but to also educate others on bleeding disorders. Kyla wants to encourage others to be involved with their local chapters.