*COVID-19 Update: The health and safety of our participants are always top priority. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it continues to unfold and investigating all our options to bring important educational content to our community this year.

In order to move forward with Education for Empowerment programming in this time of COVID-19, NHF’s chapter liaisons will work with chapters on a case-by-case basis to plan virtual programming or to reschedule the event.

Is your chapter interested in hosting a workshop? NHF is pleased to offer educational workshops on a variety of topics. You can view the 2020 workshop offerings in the PDF below.

NHF is also rolling out a new three-phase plan to ensure all chapters have an opportunity to requests educational programs at their events, as well as to better understand and support chapter programming.


Education for Empowerment 2020

To better serve you, we have made some changes to the process for Education for Empowerment events. This year there will be three-phase roll out plan for the new process. Please see below for more details. 

1. Why the Restructure?

The NHF education team assessed our Education for Empowerment workshop request process as well as our 2020 budget and came to the conclusion that to better serve you we would like to further hone our customer service-oriented model and ensure that every chapter has access to programming that is of the same caliber and quality regardless of the number of events we can physically attend. Our guiding principles for the restructure are:

  1. Continuing to provide impactful education
  2. Ensure every chapter has access to programming
  3. Ensure NHF cost effectiveness and good stewardship of our funding
  4. Time efficient for chapters and for NHF
  5. Customer service-oriented

2. How Do the Phases Work?

You will notice in our phase plan roll out the customer service-oriented enhancements reflected by one-on-one calls with a chapter staff member and an assigned NHF staff liaison. This liaison will be your key support person to provide insight and support on your workshop requests and programming needs to serve your community in 2020.

Phase I – Chapter Needs Informational Interviews 

Dates: December 10 – January 10, 2019

Description: An NHF staff member will contact you via email to set up 20-30-minute calls to explain the 2020 Education for Empowerment processes and procedures and learn more about the needs of your chapter community. By participating in these calls NHF can better serve and fulfill your needs.

Phase II – Education for Empowerment Enrollment Opens and Closes

Dates: Opens December 16, 2019– Closes January 20, 2020 5 PM PDT

Description: Each chapter will have access to ONE event in Phase II.  This means a chapter can request NHF workshops for ONE event, however you may request at a minimum of two workshops for the event. In Phase II, we will be offering each chapter a stipend of $750 for their event. Enrollment opens December 16, 2019 and closes on January 20, 2020. We strongly suggest waiting to book your event until you speak with your NHF staff liaison. You will hear back from your NHF Staff liaison no later than January 29, 2020 on speaker availability and next steps for your ONE event.

Phase III - First Come, First Serve Request Open (Ongoing)

Dates: Opens February 3, 2020 (time) – Ongoing

Description: NHF staff will ask you to request all remaining workshop requests on a first come first serve basis on hemophilia.org. At this point, workshops can be requested on a first come, first served basis, until we have reached our budgetary restrictions for 2020.  This means that every request may not be fulfilled. All requests are also pending speaker availability. There will be no chapter stipends in this phase. In phase three you will be work closely with your assigned NHF staff liaison to fulfill your workshop needs including confirmation of the submitted information and determining the appropriate speaker for your audience. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Nammacher, Vice President of Education, at knammacher@hemophilia.org for more information.