This year’s educational content will look a little different compared to last year, but we are hopeful these changes will better serve the community’s needs in the most impactful way possible.


Why the Change?

On theme with NHF’s new 2030 ‘Blue Sky Vision’, we are committed to maximizing the impact of the education that we offer.

By adhering to new virtual facilitation best practices, we hope to create opportunities for authentic connection within the community. We believe the new 2021 model will reinvigorate participants to not only attend and learn but develop connections with their peers and recreate the sense of community that made these events so special in the past.


What’s new?

  • All NHF requested programming will take place virtually in 2021. Even if a chapter event is offered in-person, NHF speakers will facilitate virtually to either an in-person or in-person/virtual hybrid audience.
  • Workshops may be requested as a series of 3-4 workshops total which all share a common theme. Participants will engage in all workshops together as a ‘cohort’

Our educational content will be offered in a series format this year, featuring conversation-oriented participant-to-participant and participant-to-facilitator connection opportunities. Chapters can choose from a list of series topics: each with 3-4 workshops of the same theme.

  • 8 English Series (4 workshop series)
  • 6 Spanish Series (3 workshop series)

You can think of these series as mini-courses, where the same participants sign up for the entire series and attend as a cohort. To best ensure a ‘cohort vibe’ we recommend the workshops take place within a 1-month time frame, however these workshops can be scattered throughout the course of a day, a week, a month or more. Whatever fits your schedule for the year! Below you will find a full breakdown of the series that will be offered this year.

Each chapter can request one series for the year. All chapters who request a series are eligible to receive a one-time stipend of $1000. All workshops within the requested series must be completed in order to receive the stipend. Additionally, NHF will be not be offering individual workshop requests, as in previous years.

Lastly, we have new requirements and guidelines to ensure you’re set up for the coming year of virtual programming. Please review the Guidelines and Requirements document below to make sure all required elements are prepared prior to submitting your request.


What Will Stay the Same?

While this seems entirely new, much of last year’s system will carry over into this year. NHF will still provide all content and materials corresponding with the requested workshops. We will also continue to find, confirm, and pay speakers to facilitate these workshops. With your partnership in promoting the events/series and recruiting community participants, NHF will happily take care of the rest!

Additionally, your assigned chapter liaison will remain the same this year and be your point person for all matters related to Education for Empowerment. For reference, below the map breaks down chapter liaisons by state.


Next Steps?

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a call with you chapter liaison.

Due to limitations in speaker availabilities, we will be fulfilling requests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our request period will open on March 8th. Your chapter liaison will reach out to you within two weeks to discuss the status your request.

Please note, the link to submit your request will be available here.