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No Limitations - Field Day Event


NHF is excited to announce that we are launching a national field day event this September. We have registration options for all ages – including adults! After signing up, you’ll receive a customized field day box full of games and activities to play with your friends and family. You can host your field day event any time between September 15th and October 12th.

We want to promote a safe, active lifestyle for people living with an inheritable blood disorder while also educating the larger community about what it means to live with an inheritable blood disorder. We want people to know that our community members can still play and live just like anyone else.

NHF extends a huge thank you to the Kopenitz family for creating this event, alongside NHF, in honor of Steven and Adam. We hope you will join us from your local community to raise awareness and funds for inheritable blood disorders.

Registration Coming Soon

Have a question or want to sign up early? Email Maureen Parsons, Director of Individual Giving, at mparsons@hemophilia.org.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a field day?

A field day is a fun-filled, event typically held in many schools across the country. A field day gives kids the chance to celebrate the school year, show some class pride and spend a day being active. At NHF, we are adopting the field day event and creating an experience for people of all ages to celebrate our community, raising money for those living with inheritable blood disorders, and break down some of the misconceptions of inheritable blood disorders. We want people to know that those living with an inheritable blood disorder can live healthy, active lifestyles.

How do I participate?

You can participate in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register for the event here. We’ll send you a field day box with the games and supplies to get started.
  2. Ask you friends, family and neighbors to donate to your fundraising page.
  3. Gather your friends, family and neighbors and host an event in your community.
Why should I participate?

Your support of this event helps educate communities across the country about what it means to live with an inheritable blood disorder. We want people to understand that living with an inheritable blood disorder is challenging, but it does not stop individuals from living safe, active lifestyles just like anyone else. In addition, this event will raise critical funds for NHF’s mission to improve the lives of those living with inheritable blood disorders through research, education and advocacy enabling people and families to thrive.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is a $40 registration fee. With your registration, you’ll receive an NHF-branded field day box with supplies to play 4-5 field day games, 10 NHF bandanas and medals to give to the winning team. There are three registration options – elementary/middle school, teenagers, and adults. There’s also an opportunity to purchase NHF Field Day shirts for an additional cost.

Do winners get a prize?

We will provide 5 medals in your field day box for the winning team. If you need additional medals, please reach out to Maureen Parsons, Director of Individual Giving, at mparsons@hemophilia.org.

Is there a fundraising minimum?

There is no fundraising minimum to participate. We appreciate your support raising funds to support our community. When you register, you’ll have a personal fundraising page to share with friends and family asking them to support your event. We also have exciting incentives when you reach each fundraising milestone. Your fundraising efforts support our programs to ensure families have the resources they need to manage their inheritable blood disorder until we achieve our vision of creating a world without an inheritable blood disorder.