About the Campaign

NHF would like to thank Takeda for their generosity sponsoring the Walk in Our Shoes initiative. The program was created to raise awareness of inheritable blood and bleeding disorders and foster dialogue about what it means to live with an inheritable blood disorder. We hope that the NHF shoes will inspire others to “walk in our shoes” and join us on this journey.

NHF Takeda Shoes
Get your pair of shoes!
Get your pair of shoes!

There are many opportunities throughout the year to receive a pair of NHF shoes. Through participation in our events and campaigns, like NHF GO, endurance events, the Red Tie Soiree, and Giving Shoesday, you’ll have the chance to get a pair. Join us during Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month for the first event in our NHF GO series: Run Red. Check back here in February for more information!

Check out the different Nike and Converse NHF styles:

A Walk in Our Shoes - NHF red NIKE
 A Walk in Our Shoes - NHF white NIKE with red swoosh
A Walk in Our Shoes - black Converse with red blood droplets
A Walk in Our Shoes - white NIKE with purple and red

Thank you to our generous sponsor:

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