The MASAC Recommendations Regarding Physical Therapy Management for the Care of Persons with Congenital Bleeding Disorders provides comprehensive information to assist Physical Therapists at all levels in caring for persons with bleeding disorders (PWBD). This guide has been prepared under the supervision of NBDF’s Physical Therapy Working Group (PTWG). The guide is designed to be both an introduction for community physical therapists and a resource for physical therapists working at Hemophilia Treatment Centers. Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Role of the physical therapist in the treatment center
  • Experience and training
  • Assessment of PWBD with musculoskeletal complications
  • Management of bleeds
  • Physical therapy (PT) for musculoskeletal surgeries, Rehabilitation, Pain management, Women and girls with bleeding disorders, Rare and ultra-rare bleeding disorders and Bleeding disorders across the lifespan
  • Adaptive equipment
  • How to encourage healthy lifestyles

In addition, below are links to the guide’s Appendices that provide information regarding various topics.