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Physical Therapy Education Track Sessions

These educational sessions were presented at NHF’s 2020 Virtual Bleeding Disorders Conference.

NHPCC Reference Hub

The NHPCC Reference Hub contains resources for both providers and patients.  The Hemophilia Treatment Center Physical Therapy Collaborative (HTC PTC) is a network of Physical Therapists with the mission statement of empowering other PTs within the HTC network by building a sustainable community through collaboration and sharing of knowledge/resources and their resources can be found within the NHPCC Reference Hub.

Bleeding Disorders and Physical Therapy 101

This PowerPoint presentation was given at the 2019 Bleeding Disorders Conference. This resource provides information on the following:

  • Comparing and contrasting the differing types of bleeding disorders.
  • Summarization of Objective Measures that are essential for PT in an HTC evaluation.
  • How medications can affect PT.
  • Sports participation recommendations for persons with bleeding disorders.
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS) Free Education at UC San Diego HTC for Hemophilia Providers

The musculoskeletal consequences of hemophilia constitute the largest cause of morbidity in persons with hemophilia. A single episode of hemarthrosis can impact long-term joint outcomes and HTC providers are seeking more accurate and objective assessments of painful musculoskeletal episodes and overall joint health. MSKUS has emerged as a promising tool to bridge the gap that continues to exist in our ability to detect and impact hemophilic arthropathy at the preclinical or asymptomatic phase when the disease process is early and potentially reversible. However, MSKUS is operator dependent and requires skills and knowledge to allow for accurate diagnosis and therapy. Therefore, UC San Diego is offering FREE online modules and (with completion of the online modules) FREE attendance to the in-person course to address this knowledge gap. 

Partners Program

This program aims to increase expertise and proficiency of the HTC physical therapist in clinical evaluation, assessment, and management of individuals with bleeding disorders in order to promote best practice and optimal patient health outcomes. This program, like all Partners Programs, is free to attend. That being said, full- or part-time, PTs who are employed 6+ months or more at their center are eligible to apply.

Education Videos for Patients

The Hemophilia Treatment Center Physical Therapy Collaborative (HTC PTC) worked with Believe, Ltd., an internationally recognized video production company that focuses on bleeding disorders to create, produce, and disseminate online learning videos and accompanying information for persons with bleeding disorders that are engaging and empowering to facilitate health management while having a positive impact on functional outcomes and quality of life.

Sports Ratings by Activity

Staying active is imperative for people with bleeding disorders, it helps you retain and regain joint health, prevent mobility issues and lead to a better quality of life. For adults with bleeding disorders, decisions about physical activity still require preparation and education. When children with bleeding disorders want to exercise or take part in a sport, particularly in competitive or team activities, their parents, school personnel, coaches, healthcare providers, and even the children themselves, may have concerns. In this booklet, you’ll find information to ease your concerns and help you make an informed decision.

Playing It Safe Booklet Cover

Hemophilia Referral Form

Example referral form for a community physical therapist to treat a person with hemophilia. To be completed by the treating hematologist and HTC Physical Therapist.