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Fetal tissue research offers the potential, through the transplantation of fetal 1iver cells, to cure hemophi1ia. Research in this area is currently in progress, thus, of great interest to the hemophilia community.

The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) has adopted a resolution on fetal tissue research. The resolution was adopted on April 27, 1990 and reads as follows:

The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation unanimously supports fetal tissue research as a legitimate and important area of scientific investigation and as a vital avenue of research toward curing hemophilia and HIV disease. In recognition of social value/religious issues raised by fetal tissue research, MASAC supports that appropriate standards be applied to safeguard individual rights and minimize potential for abuse of this important resource.

The resolution was approved by the NHF Board on April 27, 1990. By this resolution, MASAC and the Board have supported fetal tissue research with appropriate standards to safeguard individual rights.

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