Home selfcare is recognized as an important component of Comprehensive Hemophilia Care and increases convenience, self-esteem, and quality of life for individuals with hemophilia. Home care delivery companies have been instrumental in developing user-friendly programs. However, the financial objectives of home care companies and their shareholders may have implications on the quality of hemophilia care and adversely impact the functions of comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

Therefore, MASAC strongly recommends that NHF urgently convene a consumer-physician working group to examine these issues and develop strategies for financing hemophilia care and maintaining patient access to hemophilia treatment centers in a managed care and cost conscious environment. In addition, strategies should be developed for establishing and ensuring standards of care involving hemophilia in the managed care arena.

Additionally, the working group should consider the possibility of organizing a national conference for physicians, consumers and representatives from industry and government to critically discuss these problems and assess the impact of various types of home care delivery systems on comprehensive care.