Jul 9, 2019

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) awarded travel grants to approximately 37 families to attend the NHF’s Bleeding Disorders Conference in Anaheim, CA, through its Connection for Learning program.

The grant program was created to allow families who wish to attend the meeting but face financial barriers to do so access the important education and support they need. This year, NHF received 187 applications from families and individuals. The application process includes an opportunity for the person to tell their story on how they would benefit from attending the conference.

“We have so many families who really need to come to the conference to learn more about bleeding disorders, whether they are personally affected, or are parents or caregiver,” says Kate Nammacher, VP of Education, who oversees the program. “They want to learn to be better advocates, or how manage insurance—or just help with the everyday challenges that come with living with a bleeding disorder.”

The Connections for Learning program is funded entirely by NHF and does not rely on pharmaceutical support for the program.

NHF covers airfare or gas reimbursement, meals, hotel costs and childcare for Connections for Learning families. But the experience can be priceless, says Nammacher. “Families leave the conference with so much information and feelings of empowerment. And they know that there is a whole extended family of people with bleeding disorders they can go to for support, all because of the Connections for Learning program.”

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