Jun 2, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NHF has produced two new weekly vehicles for information for the bleeding disorders community: the Coping During COVID-19 webinar series, and the NHF Health and Wellness newsletter.

Starting June 1st, both the newsletter and the webinars will now be held every other week. We will continue to bring you useful, trusted information about the pandemic, information you need about managing your bleeding disorder during this global health crisis, and how to navigate reopening in your local community. We will also provide important resources on mental health and physical exercise.

The webinars will now take place every other Friday at 4:00pm ET. Please follow NHF on Facebook or Twitter for links to register. Previous webinars can be found on our COVID-19 news section of our website. Do you have suggestion for a topic for a webinar? Submit your idea here.

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