In a clinical research abstract presented today at The Thrombosis and Hemostasis Societies of North America (THSNA) 3rd annual Summit in Chicago, scientists from the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (HTC) in Indianapolis and MicroHealth presented the results of a 12-month study analyzing the effect of HTC digital monitoring on annual bleeding rates.

The phase IV observational study comprised 256 eligible patients with hemophilia A who were on prophylaxis. There were 54 and 202 patients in the monitoring and nonmonitoring groups, respectively. Eligible patients used factor VIII clotting concentrates and MicroHealth as a tracking tool. 

The study results, soon to be published at the American Journal of Hematology, show that hemophilia A patients receiving digital monitoring of their condition by their HTC reported bleeding rates that are 57% lower than patients without digital monitoring. That translates into about 3.5 fewer bleeds per year.

According to the study authors: "while observational studies are subject to sample bias, the signal is potent... given that this intervention is free, safe, and fits the accountable care model, we encourage clinicians to explore its adoption."

The use of digital tools for chronic care monitoring is a growing global trend. A reduction in the annualized bleeding rate (ABR) of 57% is both statistically and clinically significant. Further, it may have a cumulative protective impact on patients’ long-term outcomes.

Today, 20% of Americans with hemophilia on prophylactic treatment use MicroHealth.

In addition to leveraging digital technology to improve care, MicroHealth is working to advance hemophilia clinical research.  “Improving health boils down to great care and great research," said Marc Lara, PharmD, MBA, Chief Scientist at MicroHealth. "We have created a tool that's uniquely designed to enhance both. Inspired by Apple’s recent announcement of ResearchKit, we will be able to offer patients an easy way to participate in studies that they find interesting and relevant to themselves and their community." In doing so, MicroHealth will put patients at the center of closing scientific gaps that lead to better care, treatments and cures.

MicroHealth is a clinical-grade digital health company helping patients and healthcare professionals to succeed in hemophilia treatment. You can learn more or download the App here: ‪