Dec 1, 2021




Ilana Ostrin

NHF’s newest scholarship honors future leaders, advocates, and professionals in the hematology field

December 1, 2021  — The National Hemophilia Foundation has named Garrett Hayes the first-ever recipient of its inaugural Jason Fulton Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship honors the memory of Jason Fulton, a hemophilia patient who tragically passed of AIDS at the young age of 24.

The scholarship will be awarded to members, current and past, of NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) and is awarded to young leaders who demonstrate the same determination, passion, and work ethic in support of the blood and bleeding disorders community that Jason had. During the rigorous two-year NYLI program, young adults affected by bleeding disorders refine their personal and professional skills through immersive opportunities at both chapter and national levels.  Through this fund, Jason’s vibrancy as an inspirational leader lives on, and each NYLI participant will carry a bit of Jason with them forever.

“NHF is thrilled to support such deserving and resilient young leaders like Garrett in furthering their education," said Dr. Leonard A. Valentino, CEO and President of NHF. “Garret embodies the same bright future and accomplishments of Jason and will proudly represent his continuing legacy.”

When Jason was a teenager, he learned that the blood products he’d proactively taken to treat his hemophilia had also infected him with HIV. Despite this new diagnosis, he continued to dive headfirst into his advocacy and studies – focused on hematology and pharmacy – and live his life to the best of his ability.

Jason’s mom, Karen Fulton Holine, shared that, “I have been truly blessed to honor Jason’s life. His memory lives on, and it gives me the strength to tell Jason’s story.  Jason’s perseverance inspired my leadership graduate degree and career, so I could not be more grateful for the chance to create a legacy in his name to benefit future generations of leadership.” 

Scholarship awardee Garrett Hayes – a pre-med student in Texas with severe Hemophilia A reflected upon this honor, saying that, “Jason was a humble but determined young leader.  I’m honored to be the scholarship’s first recipient, and carry on Jason’s legacy in creating lasting change for the community,”

To donate to the scholarship fund, click here. To read more about Jason, click here. For more information about NYLI, head here.


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