Nov 10, 2020

Results of the first ever nationally uniform patient satisfaction survey (PSS) of hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs), were recently published in the journal Haemophilia, the findings of which represent further validation of the HTC network and its highly effective model of integrated care. 

Architects of the survey designed it to glean valuable feedback through a series of measures of patient satisfaction, a key metric that may inform both treatment adherence and enhanced health outcomes for HTC patients. In all, more than 5,000 patients across the U.S. completed the PSS. The results indicate consistently high marks for HTCs as 94.2%-97.9% responded that they were ‘always' or ‘usually' satisfied with the overall care they received at their center. Notably, that level of satisfaction holds as the survey drills down to more specific measures of the multidisciplinary care team, HTC care services, processes, and transition issues.

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