Apr 26, 2018

There is no time like spring with its milder temperatures to get re-energized and become more committed to your health through exercise and nutrition. The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF)’s information resource center HANDI would like to make the community aware of several readily accessible educational tools to get you started on living well.

HANDI hopes the following resources will help to kick start your campaign!

Make Your Move Exercise Video Series (from NHF’s Steps for Living)
Watch instructional exercise videos in tai chi, yoga, and dance. Enjoy each exercise video on its own, or follow along together with the other videos in the Make Your Move series to make a longer workout.

Stretch It Out (from HemAware Magazine, Summer 2016)
Simple movements provide daily benefits for people with bleeding disorders.

Playing It Safe: Bleeding Disorders, Sports and Exercise (NHF educational publication)
This comprehensive educational booklet describes the importance of physical activity for joint health and overall wellness in people living with bleeding disorders. It provides an overview of various sports and activities for all stages of life and addresses how to participate in physical activity safely. Contact HANDI to request a copy.

Playing It Safe: Activity Ratings Chart
An interactive chart of activity safety ratings with descriptions.

Maintaining an Active and Healthy Lifestyle (part of NHF’s Hemophilia Webinar Series)
Watch this webinar to learn about the best, complementary practices to help your child develop healthy, active habits that he or she can benefit from for a lifetime.

Eating the Rainbow (from HemAware Magazine, Winter 2018)
Learn some easy ways to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

Healthy Eating (from NHF’s Steps for Living)
Visit Steps for Living to learn tips for achieving a good nutritional balance and maintaining a healthy weight.

Eating and Exercising for Life (from HemAware Magazine, Winter 2016)
How to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Contact HANDI for additional information and referrals at handi@hemophilia.org (link sends e-mail) or by calling 1.800.424.2634. Monday to Friday (9am-5pm ET).