Mar 22, 2022

NHF sat down with NYLI member Garrett H. to hear more about why he joined NYLI and what others should consider when filling out their application. Visit NYLI to learn more and fill out your own application.

Why did you join NYLI? 

I joined NYLI because I was looking for ways to get involved with my community on a national level, as well as grow in a lot of ways. And I think that's what my time and in while I did for me and for many others that I met. 

Essentially it takes some of the brightest people in our community, um, at a young age and gives them opportunities to gain skills and professionalism, advocacy, nonprofit education, and essentially equips them with the tools necessary to become the next generation of leaders in our community.  


Why should someone join NYLI? 

Personally, I found myself when I was entering college, I dropped off a lot of my participation in the bleeding disorders community and having that opportunity to be part of NYLI really allowed me to get my, to get my feet wet, to get involved and to give back to the community that's given so much to me. 

I've had countless opportunities to, you know, public speak and to push myself to grow in ways that I wouldn't have had otherwise. 

Watch Garrett's Q&A video here: