Mar 22, 2022

NHF sat down with NYLI member Patti W. to hear more about why she joined NYLI and what others should consider when filling out their application. Visit NYLI to learn more and fill out your own application.

Why did you join NYLI?  

I joined NYLI because I wanted to meet other young adults who had bleeding disorders and really make some new friends. And also I wanted to grow professionally and there was a lot of opportunities to grow professionally within the bleeding disorders community and the community that I grew up in. 


What can someone learn from joining NYLI? 

I think one of the things you learn when you join NYLI is really how diverse the bleeding disorders community is. Every chapter across the country is different than national organizations are different. Every, you know, there's so much diversity within the community. I think you really get to see and experience that firsthand and learn more about it when you're in NYLI.  


If someone is on the fence about joining NYLI, how would you convince them to do it?  

I would say, just go for it. I know it can look kind of intimidating, you know, going out in public speaking and different things, but you really get to learn those things as you go and they teach you how to do those things. So, I think if you're on the fence, you should just go for it and just apply. 


Watch Patti's Q&A video here: