Jul 8, 2021

NHF is very pleased to announce that the Kevin Child Scholarship (KCS) application deadline has been set for August 2, 2021! The scholarship is named in tribute to Kevin Child, who died of AIDS in 1989, shortly before graduating from college. It is awarded annually to a student with hemophilia who is about to enter or currently enrolled in a program of higher education.  

Scholarship applicants must be individuals diagnosed with either hemophilia A or B, and either a high school senior with aspirations of attending an institute of higher education (college, university, or vocational-technical school), a matriculating college/univ/vocational student, or an individual pursuing a post-secondary education.

Fully completed KCS applications need to be emailed directly to [awang@hemophilia.org] by no later than 5:00pm Eastern on Monday, August 2nd, to be considered for this year’s KCS award. 

Learn more and apply today!