Feb 1, 2016

If you are an employee with a bleeding disorder, Bleeding Disorders in the Workplace: What Employees Should Know About Rights and Accommodations is a video resource for you with information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Find out more about what rights it gives for accommodations that can allow for you to be productive, safe and healthy at work. You will learn tips on how to have a discussion with your employers to ask for these changes in your work environment. This video is available on the Steps for Living website in both English and Spanish.

Bleeding Disorders in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know is a video resource that you can share with your employer to help educate him or her about bleeding disorders. the video helps provide reassurance that having a bleeding disorder will not interfere with your ability to do your job well!

Visit the Steps for Living website for other resources related to the workplace, including a new section on Job Choice: https://stepsforliving.hemophilia.org/step-out/workplace-issues.


stepsforliving.hemophilia.org and these videos are made possible with support from Pfizer Hemophilia.

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