Dec 7, 2016

“Optimizing Joint Health in Hemophilia” is the latest educational opportunity to become available from Medscape. This activity is intended for hematologists, pediatricians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who manage patients with hemophilia with joint disease.

It is part of the online series, "Clinical Advances in Hemophilia: Management for Life." The purpose of the program is to increase the knowledge, skills and competence of clinicians in providing individualized management of hemophilia. The goal of this activity is to review strategies for protecting joints and managing joint disease in patients with hemophilia.

Upon completion of this activity, participants will have:

  1. Greater competence related to the use of appropriate patient, laboratory and physical function assessment tools to monitor joint health in patients with hemophilia
  2. Increased knowledge regarding the roles of the hematologist, physical therapist and patient in developing a plan for joint health

The series is presented through a strategic collaboration between the National Hemophilia Foundation and Medscape Education Hematology, and supported by an independent educational grant from Biogen. After completing the activities within this program, available for one year from their release date, those eligible may receive free continuing education (CE) or continuing medical education (CME) credits.

Optimizing Joint Health in Hemophilia CME / ABIM MOC / CE
Nihal Bakeer, MD; Ruth Mulvany, PT, DPT, MS
CME / ABIM MOC / CE Released: 11/23/2016; Valid for credit through 11/23/2017

Access this and other available educational activities by visiting, where registration is straightforward and free of charge. Once registered, you may access Clinical Advances in Hemophilia: Management for Life.