Oct 6, 2022

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Dr. Vishal Srivastava, and I am a JGP fellow currently working in Dr. Bin Zhang's lab at the Genomic Medicine Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. I learned about the program through my principal investigator, who received this award previously.

What does your research focus on?

I’m studying the rescue of FVIII mutant expression by translational and post-translational modulation using small molecule therapy.

How has the JGP Fellowship supported your research?

My long-term career goal is to become an independent investigator and leader in the field of protein trafficking disease, endoplasmic reticulum quality control and identifying alternative approaches to correcting genetic defects. To continue my progress towards this goal, I am proposing a study addressing a specific hypothesis on restoring functions of FVIII protein in hemophilia A using small molecule pharmacophores. This grant provides me opportunity to advance my career as an independent investigator.

I am also able to attend different lectures organized by NHF. This helps me to learn other possibilities in bleeding disorders and keeps me updating with recent research outcome.

The Judith Graham Pool Postdoctoral Research Fellowship has been supporting basic science and pre-clinical research to expand our understanding of bleeding disorders since 1972. Learn more here.