Aug 2, 2019

On November 3, 10 athletes will run in support of the bleeding disorders community and NHF at the TCS New York City Marathon. Each Red Tie Runner has a unique story, but they are united by their desire to do something extraordinary for the community.

Jessica Ciccolella-Kahl will celebrate her fourth marathon in NYC with her husband and kids cheering her on from the sidelines. Through her work at Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, Jessica has been inspired by the families she serves, and wants to make difference in their lives. Click here to support Jessica!

Dawn Evans is a veteran marathoner and tireless advocate for the bleeding disorders community. This year, she is running for her dear friend Daryl, a police officer and father of a son with hemophilia, who passed away on December 21, 2018. "I run to keep Daryl's larger-than-life heart and spirit alive in the hemophilia community," Dawn shares. Read more of Dawn's story and support her here.

Michelle Flemming and Nicole Kaes have been like sisters since they were best friends in high school -- and "made it official" when Nicole married Michelle's brother!  Now a physiologist and a running coach, Michelle is participating in the marathon to support her family: her uncle, her mother, and her daughter—all carriers—as well her two brothers with mild hemophilia A. Nicole Kaes can’t wait to make her way through all five boroughs of the city she’s called home for the past six years.  Her husband Steve lives with hemophilia A  “I choose to run for NHF because it’s so close to my heart,” she shares. True besties, they are fundraising as a team. You can read more about Michelle and Nicole and support them here.

Carey Lindsey’s son was born with hemophilia A in 2004.  Carey began running as a way to encourage him to live a healthy life—and his son now enjoys the activity as well.  “NHF is very important to me, and I can’t think of a better reason to run my second-ever marathon.” Click here to support Carey!

Northwest Ohio Hemophilia Foundation executive director Carla Wells decided to run five marathons in her 40s, and she jumped at the chance to complete this goal by joining the Red Tie Runners.  “Running reminds you that, even in your weakest moments, you are strong, and I run to honor those who want to run but cannot.” Read about Carla and support her here.

"While living with severe hemophilia doesn't define who I am, it has played a significant role in shaping who I have become," says Garrett Hayes.  An architectural engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin, and NHF NYLI member, he hopes to inspire all people with bleeding disorders. "I aim to show others that my bleeding disorder doesn’t limit me, and it shouldn’t limit anyone else either." Read more of Garrett's journey and support him here.

“My son Michael is 27 and should be able to run, but because of his hemophilia A with inhibitors, he can’t.  But I can.”  Lizette Mishiev runs in honor of Michael and all those who can’t run due to risk of pain or injury.

Renee DeRider spent 11 years at the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Treatment Center as a nurse coordinator and vice president of clinical services. Though she’s since made a career change, she remains committed to the bleeding disorders community—she’s most inspired by the patients she’s cared for who carry on through difficult times. Read more about Renee's story and support her here.

As a bleeding disorders pharmacist, Soumar Arzouni is proud to serve hundreds of patients across the country.  This will be her first marathon, but she draws her strength from the bleeding disorders community. "I want to do whatever it takes to help serve this community that I care for and wish to champion." Learn more about Soumar and support her here.

"It's inspiring to see so many people who are willing to make such a committment to the mission of NHF," said NHF CEO Val D. Bias. "The Red Tie Runners truly embody the spirit of our community, and I look forward to cheering them on."

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