Nov 26, 2018

Each year, hundreds of new parents hear the words, “Your child has a bleeding disorder.” This can be frightening to parents, especially if there is no previous family history of the disorder. Parents reach out for information, for education, for support – and their local chapter is ready.

NHF’s local chapters are the heart of the bleeding disorders community. They send welcome kits with information to new parents. They help children gain independence at bleeding disorders camps. They monitor legislation to protect access to treatment and care in their state – and bring community members to statehouses to advocate. And most importantly, they offer countless ways for people with bleeding disorders to connect with one another and support one another. NHF local chapters are where the bleeding disorders community finds a home.

This Giving Tuesday, we hope you will remember all that chapters do to support families in your community.  We are asking that you think nationally and act locally. Whether you give your time, talent, or treasure--the most important aspect is that you give back.  Support to your local chapter can help fund the programs that provide hands-on support to the people in your area. Your generosity can help a child learn to self-infuse; help reach an undiagnosed woman with a bleeding disorder, or provide unbiased education to new parents. Every donation of time or treasure gives strength to the place you call home.

Our local chapters give so much to the bleeding disorders community. This Giving Tuesday, we hope you will honor their work with a gift of your own. Remember the only gift that is too small is no gift at all.

Connect with your local chapter and make a donation today.

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