Aug 1, 2012

This summer, many states are moving forward in their implementation of the Affordable Care Act by taking steps to select a benchmark plan to define the essential health benefits (EHB) for plans in the state.  EHBs will define a minimum level of benefits that nongrandfathered individual and small group health insurance plans offered in and outside of state exchanges will have to cover after 2014.  NHF is closely monitoring state activity related to the essential health benefits. It has submitted several comment letters recently, some in conjunction with chapters, to encourage states to define EHB so that it meets the needs of individuals with bleeding disorders.  Specifically, we advocate for the inclusion of hemophilia treatment centers as "essential community providers," ensuring their inclusion in plan networks; and access to the full range of clotting factor therapies and to multiple specialty pharmacy providers.  See NHF's letters to several states here.

NHF will continue to monitor state activity and will submit comment letters when possible.  Please contact NHF's Public Policy team if you have any questions or know of an opportunity to submit comment letters in your state.

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