Dec 21, 2022

Recruitment is now open for Own Your Path- a program for young adult males with hemophilia who are currently in the transition years between 18-29. We know that maintaining adherence to a prophy regimen can have short and long -term health benefits. This program focuses on helping participants be successful by focusing on education, health coaching, skill building, and relationship building, all within an app-based environment that includes participation incentives. 

Additional program benefits include:

  • Free App Based Program
  • A Go at Your Own Pace Experience
  • Program Participation Prizes
  • Improve Skills to Manage Hemophilia
  • Exercise and Mindfulness Activities
  • Improve Sleep and Manage Stress
  • Coaching to Help You Crush Your Health Goals
  • Virtual Meetups with Peers

Complete the Own Your Path Screening Survey

For more information, send an email to Heather Hicks: