Nov 17, 2020

Investing in research that deepens our understanding of inheritable bleeding disorders and fuels new treatment options is important to the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).

Launched in 1972, the Judith Graham Pool (JGP) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at NHF fund extraordinary projects that improve our knowledge of bleeding disorders.  Like the fund’s namesake, whose 1965 breakthrough revolutionized treatment for hemophilia, JGP Fellows make remarkable discoveries, shedding new light on aspects of bleeding disorders, like how blood clots form and how viral vectors work.

JGP accepts donations only from chapters, individuals, and foundations.  And the chapters that donate, like the New England Hemophilia Foundation (NEHA), realize they are investing in a brighter future.  “NEHA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all persons with bleeding disorders and their families through education, support, and advocacy, which is why it’s essential to support research programs like [JGP],” notes Executive Director Rich Pezzillo.  “NEHA is committed to working with NHF and the medical community in pursuit of cures for inherited bleeding disorders.”

JGP research is for the community, by the community.  “It’s important to us that this program is funded only by people and chapters like ours, who support basic science and pre-clinical research in bleeding disorders,” Nancy Messina, NEHA Board President, shares.  “NEHA looks forward to its continued partnership with NHF as we advance treatment options for those we serve.”

Brett Spitale, VP of Advancement at NHF, agrees.  “Chapter support makes a tremendous impact on [JGP].  Chapters aren’t just funding researchers, many of whom make significant contributions to our understanding of hematology and bleeding disorders—they’re investing in a better tomorrow.”

The research JGP Fellows complete can drive the rest of their professional careers.  “The award has helped me to gain recognition and commitment from my home institution that I expect will enable me to launch an independent career with a focus on bleeding disorders,” a recent Fellow shared.

NHF is grateful for all of the chapters, individuals, and foundations that make JGP possible.

A special thanks goes to the following chapters who have contributed since 2019:

Hemophilia of Georgia, New England Hemophilia Association, Lone Star Bleeding Disorder Association, Hemophilia of the Capital Area, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation, Hawaii Chapter of NHF, Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California, Florida Hemophilia Association, Hemophilia of North Carolina, The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter of the National Hemophilia, Idaho Chapter of NHF, Nebraska Chapter of NHF, Hemophilia of Southern California, Nevada Chapter, NHF, Central Ohio Chapter of NHF, Hemophilia of South Carolina,  Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders, Colorado Chapter NHF, Central California Hemophilia, Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Association, Gateway Hemophilia Foundation, Western Pennsylvania Chapter of NHF, Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation, Bleeding Disorder Alliance Illinois, and Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation