NHF will be posting all communications from pharmaceutical companies regarding any potential affects that the COVID-19 pandemic could have on the manufacture and distribution of their products. If you have any questions about your particular product, we urge to you contact your physician or your pharmacy provider directly. 

As people are urged by state and local governments and departments of health to self-isolate or quarantine, people who use factor may have questions about their in-home supply. NHF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) recommends that during a national emergency, patients with a bleeding disorder treated on regular prophylaxis should be able to obtain a full month’s prescription refill for their prophylaxis regiment when their home quantity reaches at a minimum an estimated two week’s supply. 

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Assocation (PPTA) does not consider the COVID-19 virus  to  be of concern for the safety of plasma protein therapies manufactured by PPTA member companies. PPTA's complete statement is available here.

Below are statements from pharmaceutical companies.

“Bayer wants to reassure healthcare providers and patients that rely on our hemophilia A products and associated infusion devices that we currently see no impact to product availability from our U.S. manufacturing operations.” Read Bayer's complete statement here.

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL)
"Patient and product safety continue to be our utmost concern, and our focus, as ever, remains on providing a continuous supply of reliable, high quality plasma-derived products, supporting our patients every day." Read BPL's complete statement here.

CSL Behring
“CSL continues to provide an uninterrupted supply of our medicines around the world. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are closely tracking any impact it could have on our operations.” Read CSL's complete statement here.

"Aware that our products and services are important to patients and healthcare providers around the world, we can confirm at this moment there are currently no supply delays or interruptions as a result of the novel coronavirus." Read Grifols' complete statement here.

Novo Nordisk
“We want to assure patients and health care providers we do not foresee a disruption in our ability to supply the US market with our hemophilia medicines.” Read Novo Nordisk's complete statement here.

Medexus Pharma (formerly Aptivo)
"We want to reassure the community that we currently do not see any impact to our ability to supply the US market with our products, including IXINITY and Rasuvo." Read Medexus Pharma's complete statement here.

"Our staff continues to focus on maintaining production of all of our medicines, and we currently have ample inventories that will support continued service to our customers." Read Octapharma's complete statement here.

"As of now, we have not seen any disruption in our hemophilia product supply chain or impact to our business." Read Pfizer's complete statement here.

Statement from Roche/Genentech regarding its product HEMLIBRA (emicizumab-kxwh). This statement provides specific reassurance regarding supply chains to its manufacturing facilities worldwide, that they have not identified any critical component that would impact their ability to supply Hemlibra in the future.

“Sanofi does not anticipate shortages for patients resulting from the COVID-19 situation.”

"Based on our current assessment of our global supply chain, we do not foresee any current risk of disruption resulting from the coronavirus outbreak." Read Takeda's complete statement here.

We will continue to update this story as we receive more information.