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Robin Chapman

Job Title: 
Nurse Practitioner
Robin Chapman

The purpose of this project is to request support for the development of a computer-based training (CBT) module designed to teach the care and treatment of patients with bleeding disorders to nursing staff in a large, multi-campus pediatric healthcare institution. The module will be designed to exist within an intranet environment accessed by all members of the healthcare institution. Core modules will include a description of each common bleeding disorder, a basic review of processes surrounding the multidisciplinary care of bleeding disorder patients, the involvement of other hospital departments in managing a patient with a bleeding treatment plan (e.g., blood bank, coagulation lab, hemophilia treatment center staff) and medications/factor products routinely used to treat them. The result, a custom-made bleeding disorder CBT, would be available at any time to any staff member on any of the institution's campuses being assigned to care for bleeding disorder patients, thus facilitating nursing education and patient care. - See more at: