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New MASAC Document Addresses Clotting Factor Concentrate Supply in the Home

June 7, 2016

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF's) Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) has issued a new document relevant to the supply of clotting factor concentrate (CFC) doses for home use by individuals with bleeding disorders. The document was adopted by NHF’s Board of Directors on June 7, 2016.

In MASAC Document #242, the council describes the factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on the appropriate number of doses for an affected individual in any given scenario. Important baseline considerations include severity level (severe, moderate, mild), the presence of an inhibitor, prescribed regimen (on-demand, prophylaxis), number of bleeding episodes, individual pharmacokinetics (processing and duration of drug’s effect in the body), the product used, level of physical activity and past bleeding events.   

MASAC states that the treating physician is best able to determine the number of doses required for each patient based on the diagnosis, existence of co-morbidities (other health conditions), clinical circumstances, product(s) used and historical bleeding patterns. For patients who infuse at home, a refill of their CFC should be provided when the quantity reaches a minimum of one week to address unexpected bleeding or emergency situations. There should also be an additional supply on hand for patients who infuse infrequently or on demand. The recommendation also addresses patients who are on a prophylactic routine.

MASAC Document #242 serves as valuable resource for anyone seeking a better understanding of the complexities and various key considerations inherent in at-home dose selection. View and download MASAC Recommendations Regarding Doses of Clotting Factor Concentrate in the Home.

To request a hard copy of this document, please contact HANDI, NHF’s information resource center: (link sends e-mail) or 1.800.424.2634. Go the NHF website to view a complete list of MASAC documents.