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Moon Joggers

Moon Joggers

One Step Towards the Moon, One Step Closer to a Cure

Angie Webb has a passion for supporting charities. As the president of Moon Joggers, she makes her passion a reality.

Moon Joggers is a walk/run platform where people sign up to participate in virtual walks/runs and log their miles onto the Moon Joggers website. The name comes from the goal of 240,000 miles for all participants – the distance from the earth to the moon. People from over 40 different countries participate in the virtual runs/walks. Moon Joggers then donates 15% of their proceeds to different charities.

“Runners feel good knowing that when they run, they are helping other organizations.,” says Angie. She feels it engages the participants and makes it a fun experience for them.

Moon Joggers does 2-4 races/walks a month and each race supports a different charity. Since their founding, Moon Joggers has donated to more than 300,000 charities.

Angie found NHF as she was researching awareness months to find nonprofits to support.

“When we saw Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month, we looked up NHF, liked their program and wanted to donate more. So, we had our St. Patrick’s Day virtual run in March and 15% of funds went towards NHF., “says Angie.

About 500 people participated in the St. Patrick’s Day virtual run this past March. “Every year in March, Moon Joggers will continue to donate to NHF from the St. Patrick’s Day.” Angie states. She is proud that Moon Joggers is making a difference, one step at a time.