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Kasturi Pal

Job Title: 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kasturi Pal

Dr. Pal is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Velia Fowler at the Scripps Research Institute. She received her doctoral degree working in the laboratory of Dr. Kathryn Defea at the University of California Riverside. Her current research focuses on the role of actomyosin cytoskeleton in megakaryocyte to platelet differentiation and hemostasis. Dr. Pal is specifically trying to decipher the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways which contribute to bleeding disorders and macrothrombocytopenia associated with May-Hegglin anomaly. This research will reveal novel insights into the mechanisms of thrombopoiesis, which can be harnessed for ex-vivo platelet generation with high yields for therapeutic purposes. In the future, Dr. Pal would like to direct her research endeavors to solving platelet signaling defects contributing to hemostatic failures using multidisciplinary experimental approaches.